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The UK STEM sector faces chronic diversity issues and shortages of specialist science teachers. Orbyts is a multi-award-winning movement that partners scientists with schools to empower school students to undertake world-leading research. It is proven to improve inclusivity in science.

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Over the past 5 years Orbyts has expanded from a single university department to hubs at universities across the UK. The programme received a very high grade on the REF Impact Case, and has won awards from the European Research Council, Ogden Trust and NEON in reflection of its impact on widening access to education.  

  • Orbyst has helped more than 200 school students to become authors of peer-reviewed scientific papers 

  • Orbyts partner schools report 100% increases in the number of girls taking A-level physics 

  • Our partner teachers report that Orbyts directly improves teacher retention and helps provide valuable subject knowledge gains. 


Orbyts has already had a transformational impact on the school students, researchers and teachers involved. To further expand across the country, we welcome partnerships and sponsorships with any organisation passionate about improving equity in science. If you’re interested in joining the Orbyts family, please get in touch with us here:

Sponsors and Awards


Space for All Funding

Awarded Collaborative Funding


ERC Public Engagement with Research Award


NEON Widening Access Initiative (Outreach) Award

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