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Over the past 5 years Orbyts has expanded from a single university department to hubs at universities across the UK. The programme received a very high grade on the REF Impact Case, and has won awards from the European Research Council, Ogden Trust and NEON in reflection of its impact on widening access to education. We are always looking for research departments eager to engage in effective ways of furthering their science through partnerships with schools.

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University research groups involved in Orbyts: 

  • Engage and empower school students from historically excluded groups to become involved in research 

  • Gain irreplaceable pedagogy and management training – essential for high quality teaching and professional development 

  • Grow their research profiles – Orbyts projects are designed to produce publishable results 

  • Expand the impact of research undertaken at the Institution  

  • Directly increase undergraduate STEM applications from those from under-represented groups 


If you are interested in engaging in Orbyts at your University research group or department, or just want to find out more, then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us here:




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